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Michael Brennock
How is ______ going? equivalent in Spanish

Hi all,


I find myself wanting to say this quite often:  


How is your course/class/whatever going? 


I am reluctant to directly translate, but is it correct to say:


Cómo va tu curso/tu clase/algo?




Cómo van tus clases etc.....


Further to that, is it correct to say:


Cómo fue tu clase?   For "How did your class go?"


Very basic but I'm still unsure.


Thanks a million!

Mar 1, 2015 4:12 AM
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Como va tu clase/vida/matrimonio?  it express a singular form

Como van tus classes/cosas/hijos? It express a plural form

both sentences are in the present continue time, means it is still happening. You will continue taking classes, your life will continue..

Como fue tu clase? it is in the past time, means already finished. 

Or Como estuvo la fiesta?

you couldn't say Como fue tu vida? Because it still don't finish. 

Espero haberte ayudado. 

March 1, 2015

 La traducion es  ¿Cómo van tus clases? Totalmente latina¡¡¡

March 1, 2015

I'm not an expert in spanish but I am pretty sure "como fue tu clase" is correct.

normally I think just for "how are your classes going" they use estar, like "como estan tus clases."

March 1, 2015


I've read all the comments and I totally agree with Geovanna, might be if you want to ask something that has just happened you can also use the past simple tense!  or also the present and the question is going to be understood by context!. the exception that is clear as well " ¿Cómo fue tu vida?" 'cause you are still alive and it makes no sense!.


March 1, 2015
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