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Công Peter
The role of money is always a hot topic...!

This is a story.

I used to hear somebody say that "You can buy everything with money". "But there must be some things that can't be bought with money", I replied. They continued,"You can't buy them with money but with a lot of money".

I asked them if there was anything I couldn't buy with a lot of money.

Can you guess their answer?!  They said "A lot of money may be not enough, but a great great deal of money, certainly, is!"

What is your opinion of money??? 

Mar 1, 2015 4:54 AM
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 As I understand it,  wealth can be a  comfort and a source of satisfaction, but not in an ultimate  context.   Money, for example, cannot buy  "meaning" in life.   Meaning exists  on its own merits, and it cannot be bought.


  Neither can money buy  "happiness". It may suggest that as an appearance, but facts show that there are exceptions.   There is little on this earth that time and circumstance cannot erode or take from the individual.


   There was this  factual account from California  a couple of years back.  Some young man,  driving around in  a luxurious care  could not find  a  girlfriend.  He was miserable, despite the fact that he was from an upper middle class home. He was an extremely handsome young man. I noticed that right away from the video he made.  However,  he went  (for lack of a better word)  "mad" and ended up  going on a shooting rampage, and then,  I think, he killed himself.  All the wealth and power of his family could not help him overcome his insecurity,  and anxiety   and resentment.

     One can posses great wealth, and still see all the people that one loves,  suffer calamity.

What good then is money?  However,  if a person   can life by some principle, and live  carefully without defying the principles  of life itself,  one can have both wealth and happiness, and especially if one finds a good purpose for living.



March 1, 2015

it's true that many people say that everything has a price but that's because we live in a world where money, sex and power "rule". it's a world dominated, paradoxically, by the poverty mentality. competition.


things like love, joy, peace, balance, trust, faith and many others are not center stage because of that poverty mentality, or lack mentality. self-worth is currently derived from things such as career, success and possessions, including the possession of relationships, of a partner/spouse and even of children. so needless to say it's a false kind of self-worth.


the topic of money is closely related to love, strangely enough. when we don't love ourself, we seek gratification/happiness outside. when we love ourself - the true universal kind of love - we stay connected to our inner world, who we are fundamentally, and that leads to all riches, including financial abundance and prosperity, but in a whole new way, with a new definition, new perceptions, a new feeling of freedom and wholeness. but who wants that in a world where money is supposedly what brings security? because in the end, what we're after (when we say money can buy everything) is security, safety. wholeness, unity is what brings safety. but that is a whole (no pun intended) other topic...

March 1, 2015


"But most people say that everything has its price."--Cong Peter


   That is a bit of a misunderstanding.  It is not the "price" that  pertains to all things, but "value".


    Otherwise,   I will share with you an old adage I heard in my youth.


"Don't believe anything you  hear,  and only half of what you see."


March 1, 2015

You cannot buy relationships that are not based on financial benefits. 

If you are rich,  you can buy things. Some people would happily become "freinds" with you,

but those people look at you as a disposable tool to let them get rich.

Can you buy your parents? or the people who would stay with you if you lost everything? 

March 1, 2015

Nah, I disagree with the idea that money can buy everything. There are things that cannot be bough, like love. You can, indeed, pay a lady to have a good time, but you can't buy her love.

There is a phrase in Spanish that talks about it, I think it's from a song lyric. In English it should be something as "money isn't everything but it helps a lot". With money you can't buy everything, but it's going to help you with a ton of things.

March 1, 2015
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