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do you think that we really can decrease the pollution?

i mean after everything that i've know. i think that i can just stand aside and watch things happen. every year, there'll be so many people dying because of the air pollution. things like this happen around us and we pay no attention to them. we should really try to take our responsiabilities and make a move, even just a little baby step.

1 de Mar de 2015 às 05:54
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Okay, so what's the plan? :D

1 de Março de 2015

yeah, but i just think pollution can do a really great harm to human being. i am not afraid of death, but i don't want to live like this. you need to worry about ur and ur friends health when you see something bad happen just because of the pollution.

1 de Março de 2015

That's a good question and I'd like to know the plan for that too. Actually, I've read that your country, China, was thinking on spend a great amount of money for that porpuse, but the note didn't mention anything about how was that money going to reduce the pollution.

I've heard that you are also having some issues with the seaweeds there. Sometime ago in yahoo news and others site appeared some photos showing lakes and sea shores all covered in green. It seems that almost all your water sources are contaminated, aren't they? Would be nice if you can share with us a bit more about the situation you are living there with pollution in general.


With the above comments I'm not sayin that other countries doesn't have that kind of troubles. Actually, I live in Argentina and we have some issues with contamination. For example, I'm living in Mar del Plata, a city a the sea cost. Some years ago there was a report recommending to don't swim in the sea due the high contamination. The cause of that problem is the sewer system was design for a certain amount of people, but in summer we receive a large amount of tourist, surpassing that limit. I'm not sure if there is a plan to clean the waters or reduce the contamination in that epoc, but reading your question made me want to investigate about it.

1 de Março de 2015

Well, pollution is not created directly by the size of the population. China is experiencing high levels of pollution because of its rapid industrial development. Population growth can be good for the economy.

1 de Março de 2015
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