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Please can you help me for this Q

- Change the following sentences to the passive voice? 


1- televesion/ repair

2- family/ tell when come our house 



thank you ❤️❤️

Mar 1, 2015 5:38 PM
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the television is repaired.

the family is told when to come to our house.


the two sentences above are both is the present tense. you can also choose to write them in the past:


the television was repaired.

the family was told...


...or in the future:


the television will be repaired.

the family will be told...


...and any other tense.


the two examples you gave are not clear because they are not sentences, but that's what i gathered was expected from them.


in order to have a sentence in the passive form, you need BE + PAST PARTICIPLE (like repaired or told).


hope this helps.

March 1, 2015
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