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help with grammar

I started learning korean by lyrics, and I can't understand this part.

It's a part of a  music from G-Dragon called Who you?(니가 뭔데).


잘됐음 해 아직 좀 이르다만


I'm a little confuse about how to use -음 해 and it's translation, and about the meaning of 만. Would it be the same as -지만?


Thanks in advance. ^-^

1 de mar de 2015 19:09
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~음 해 means i wish~ i hope~ 잘됐음 해 means "i hope you would be fine"... somthig like that?

and 만 means but. and the same as -지만. they just depend on what come before them.

이르다만 = 이르지만 (it's kinda ealry to do this or it's premature)

3 de Marzo de 2015

Thanks for the explanation.


고맙습니다. ^-^

5 de Marzo de 2015
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