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Caroline Luo
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The argument that where should older people live become a big problem in our social society.Some believe that older people should live with their children while others argue that older people should live in special homes.Each sticks to his own view.What I prefer to support the idea is that older people should live with their children.Living in special homes is a place where older people can not feel the warm from the home and their family.Many older people would like to see their children and spend more time to talk with them.If they were sent to the special homes,they may be alone,and no close person to talk.
However,living with their children,older people can be taken good care by their family,and their heart will be filled with love and warm.What’s more,older people live with their children can see the growth of their grandchildren and play with them.They would be happy and get lots of comfort from their family.
The last but not least,older people live with their children can live freely without worry about how their children live and have a meal with family together,talk to each other,and laugh together.That’s what the importance of home.


2 de mar de 2015 4:17
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I think we should ask to them what they want to do instead of deciding by ourself. There are some older people who prefer to go to those special homes, and there are others who do not. It also depends on the current health state of the old person. Some of them need special attention that can't be found at home.

I don't know the asylums that are in your country, but in Argentina I know there are some places where old people don't feel alone at all. In fact, they are with other people of their same ages, which make them feel more comfortable. Obviously, not all people fell the same in those situations and it's completely understandable, that's why it's better to talk seriously with them to decide what to do.

2 de Marzo de 2015

Sad to say its a sign of the times, if you look back a couple of generations you would often find family units of parents grandparents and grand kids living in the same street, and some times the same house if it was big enough. Those were times when there was enough work close by for all the family. Nowadays often we have to travel far away to find work so family ties are severed. This also has an adverse effect of all the information that is not passed on, often by the grandparents who would look after kids while sons and daughters were at work.  China is unique in a way as many family will not have more than two kids so who grandparents would live with would not be a problem but in many countries you have familys of five or more so who looks after the grandparents/parents, if there are no "homes" for them to go to.  

23 de Marzo de 2015

In Taiwan, some seniors live alone in their families. 

It is usual that one of a couple dies earlier than the other.

Children seldom go back to their parent's home until it becomes that the elder(s) need(s) other's help.

Besides, if the elder lives with his/her child, it is also usual that he/she has to help to take care of his/her grandchild, which is not a necessarily pleasant thing to everyone.

So, there are many heathy seniors living alone with dignity and with happiness.

They do not lack of either friends or social activities, though they are the only member in their families.

22 de Marzo de 2015

My grandmother was at my home while we were working. She often fell down by herslef. Now lost mind due to it, It is complexed to say if it is good or not. Beside elders idea, Some signs we dont know better than nurse. It’s my cases, but I think it is final way.

Now she live the special home where Japanese donate before.

There is not bad too. I even like to go there.

I think life insurance is very useful to support it.

Although there are humanpower’s question so on..

However depends on personal choice

Some of elders may like to live there due to be able to touch nurse ass.

22 de Marzo de 2015

Don't forget how much important is for children having stories and life experience, or teaching,

or whatever being told by their grandparents instead of sitting idle in front of a silly TV screen.

22 de Marzo de 2015
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