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hey guys !whats your favorite name ?no matter male's or female's?and because  I am not a native English speaker,so I give myself one which is Yinna ,is this a good name for a lady ?btw ,my parents gave me a name as wenying .

waitting your answer online ^-^

2 мар. 2015 г., 8:39
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Hi Yinna! Yinna isn't a common name amongst native English speakers, so it would make a really unique one. It sounds a little Korean in my opinion (I'm thinking about the name Yuna), but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that! :) In fact, Yinna a pretty name! It sounds a little like the name Luna, which I think is really dreamy, and makes me think about the moon~ I do think it would make a good name for a female, as there're also many English names that end with the "ah" sound (e.g. Wanda, Monica, Linda, Jenna, etc.). To me, the "ah" sound at the end makes it sound more feminine than masculine. My favourite English names are Emily, Sadie, Theodore, and Damien!

PS: My name is Cherry and my Chinese name is 红 :) My parents gave me those names because I was superbly red when I was born, like a cherry haha!

2 марта 2015 г.

thanks for your answer !I am sure you are lovely and pretty just as your name ^-^

2 марта 2015 г.
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