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What do you think of water?

Do you think water is important for people? Why?
Is there a difference in water consumption in urban and rural areas?
Is there a problem of fresh water supply in your country?
What do you think about the demand for water in the future?
Is it possible to reduce this demand? How?

Mar 2, 2015 9:28 AM
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  Some parts of the United States have been affected by drought in recent decades.

Water for urban areas   is often held in local reservoirs, which are also used for recreation such as fishing,  boating and so forth.   In some cases,  these reservoirs have dried up.


   The drought appears to be part of a natural cycle, but the problems are increased by urban demands for water.


     There are also agricultural demands for  water.    In the arid Western United States for example,

the water from   rivers  must be used for irrigating fields for crops such as melons and the urban areas also demand  some of this water, so that there are legal conflicts between communities within the same state.


      Water quality is also an issue.  Heavy metals and other pollutants  can leak into the water table.

The source of some pollution   is the old mines.  Water entering these old mines  come into contact with the minerals, and thus some heavy metals  such as Arsenic can wash into the rivers.


         Moreover,   some of the water in  some Western States of the USA,  is demanded by still other  states.  For example,  California is experiencing a drought right now.  It is possible that some reservoirs and rivers as well can be drained dry,  if the legal entities competing for this resource  do not regulate and limit their usage.



March 2, 2015
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