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8 Slang Words You Must Know In Chinese

Chinese has marked a big evolution in the past couple of years as internet develops fast. Here are eight you must know slangs in Chinese.

2015年3月3日 00:00
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Thank you all for the comments and your advice.


I agree, gabrielle. I thought about that, but I was concered that a lot of people might not be able to understand whole new sentences or many characters. So I switched to focus on just words. 


Jason, those are good ones. Thank you for sharing!


huà láo话痨,chī huò吃货,wǒ fàn èr le我犯二了 (Here I put Chinese characters, so people can read it more clearly)

If it's needed, I could explain these words. But all of you are more than welcome to do this, as well. 


hahaha, 我晕is a good one, too! I might write another article so that I could cover more words. 


how about the most recent one "duang~", but there is no correspond caracter.


Hello ! Very interesting ! But it would have been nice to have the whole sentences in chinese characters :).


Great article! 

Here's my own list but without the definition :P

"How to pretend to be an awesome mandarin native speaker"

Keep it up! :D

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