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The last word that you have learned today.


Today I've learnt tha mean of 'vary'.

'Vary' is a verb and means 'differ'.


Test scores vary from school to school.

I think I should vary my diet more.

Mar 3, 2015 7:03 AM
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And you can even combine your two new words.


'Parallelograms vary. Some have two sets of equal sides, while others have four equal sides.'

March 4, 2015

Today my new word is پایرهنه.

It means بی کفش و حوراب.

.... با پای برهنه




barefoot... shoeless... unshod... discalceated... discalced... 


No, I think better synonyms are:

unfettered, emancipated, uninhibited


It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin, barefoot irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known but to question it.

 ~Jacob Bronowski~

March 6, 2015

The last word I have learnt is lattice.


In mathematics, a lattice is a partially ordered set in which every two elements have a unique supremum (also called a least upper bound or join) and a unique infimum (also called a greatest lower bound or meet).


More common, a structure of crossed wooden or metal strips usually arranged to form a diagonal pattern of open spaces between the strips. Used for example in a fence.

July 24, 2015

As far as I know, both rhombus and rhomboids are parallelograms.  The difference between them is that a rhombus must have 4 sides of equal length and a rhomboid has opposite sides equal.


So, all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.

All rhombi (rhombuses) are rhomboids but not all rhomboids are rhombi.


In my 5th grade math classes, we didn't use the term rhomboid.  We used parallelogram exclusively for this. 


The hiearchy of quadrilaterals (Scrutinize this carefully as I am likely to make a mistake.):

quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square


As I said, I believe rhomboid can be substituted for parallelogram. 

But please, if I am wrong, correct me! For the sake of my poor students!!!

March 4, 2015

That's right. Diamonds might be forever. Diamonds might be a girl's best friend ... but they don't mean much in geometry.



March 4, 2015
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