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Joy Boy
Would you please take a look to this little text I wrote about GMO for a presentation ?

I caution the company not to be fooled by these old-fashioned arguments. This debate has risen upon wrong accusations. You must be aware that the scientific progress that are GMOs, is defintely a great step for the humankind. A great step in which way could you ask.

Well, first, let's put it clear : GMOs are the most efficient solution to solve the hunger issue in the world. It allows to highly increase the agricultural return, and therefore, to provide enough food products in order to feed the whole world population. This is the true food safety that we always sought.

Besides of that, developping the GMO business also allow the companies to increase the benefits and so it's a driver for more economic growth, employement and developpement. It's obviously a win-win agreement. Through fighting the woldwide hunger, we increase the benefits !

Let me explain in other words the accuracy of this statement. Can you think about when, after a long and exhausting climb, you finally reach the top of the mount, and what do you see ? the promised land ! That's precisely what the GMO technics are. Yes, I have no fear to say it, they are the promised land of a humanity going forward after all its sacrifices.


Mar 3, 2015 9:55 PM
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Joy Boy
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