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Which way do you usually use to relax yourself?

After a day of hard study,I like to relax myself by playing guzheng which is sort of chinese traditional instrument.It's really a good way for me to release stress.These days,I parctice a tune called "Qu zhong"in Chinese.I guess I can explain the name in English that "the song is over".But I met a big problem when I was practicing it.You know,I tried to play it along with the accomplany(I don't know if it's right?What I mean is "the background of music").I never tried it before and I can't follow the rhythem all the time.I believe that I need to practice more times.I'll try it again today.^ ^
So...Which way do you usually use to relax yourself?

2015年3月4日 04:45
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For me, the best way to relax is working out in the gym. #truestory


Listening to music(classical) is the best way to relax myself.


I read book or watch movies(or cartoons). After that  I try to train my body of exercises or begin do my homework)


I'm a huge fan of EDM so I spend my majority leisure time on listening songs and of course watching the sets by my fav DJs such as Zedd,Knife Party as well.And one of my biggest dream is participating in ULTRA,which holds in America everyyear, terribly amazing!!


Yoga is my effective method to reduce stress especially after work and also a good way to get fit.
It is combined with stretching exercises and controlled breathing.

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