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What do you think about current movies?

I am interested in your opinions, really, because I think today don´t make movies as some time ago. If you see the latest hits on the cinema, there are all of them (talking in general) the same estructure: beautiful girl or handsome and muscled man, a lot of special effects, and poor dialogues, incredible bad and predictable arguments...I don´t know, i have this feeling, that the cinema is being more simple than before. Do you agree?

Mar 4, 2015 8:20 PM
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Commercial film producers have latched on to the formula you describe, which seems to sell and give the best return on investment in financial terms.  Films are a consumer product like any other.


However, I think you are mistaken in suggesting that little of value is being produced.  I have seen many well-made thought-provoking films over the last year, although they are rarely on general release for long.  Even here in London, many deserving films only get an outing of two to three weeks, and that often at cinemas which specialize in 'art-house' film.


Perhaps in this context the internet is particularly important in making available material that would otherwise be inaccessible to so many, and would constitute such a loss to the sharing of culture.

March 4, 2015

Hi Adrian!

Well, probably you are right, yes, I suppose there are a lot of good movies nowadays, i was speaking about the most commercial films which domain the billboard ( i don´t know if this is the appropiate word..) Today are made more films than ever, and the industry produce more different types of films, from indi up to commercial movies. And sure there are very good films, if you know what are you looking for. But I wanted to stress on commercial films, and this, I think, in comparison w¡th the old ones, seem all of them bad copies. 

Really, I yearn the old good movies, the currents are only to spend two hours of entertainment.



March 5, 2015
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