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What are you allowed to do when you are 18 in your country?

In Spain for example you are allowed to drink and buy alcoholic drinks, drive cars and also you are allowed to vote each four years.


And you are allowed to get married at the age of sixteen (and before 2013 it was at the age of thirteen!!). 


4. März 2015 22:28
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in Viet Nam, people can buy alcohol, can drink and smoke at any age

5. März 2015

In Chile you can drive a car (you also can drive a car with 17 years if you are with an adult), go to a disco, buy alcoholic drinks and cigarettes and to vote in elections.

5. März 2015

WOW to be married at thirteen...

In China you need to at least reach the age of 20 (for male) or 18 (for female) to get married legally.

And I don't recall any law that prevent teens from buying drinks here...Or smoking... 

Please tell me if I have made any mistakes in grammar. :)


5. März 2015

Drinking alcohol is illegal because stupid Asian like to use every possible ways to commit crimes. Drinking cars is after 20 years old if stupid Asian still pretend stupidity to commit crimes, very changeable, means still so stupid to use every possible procedures for criminal activities. 


Under my history:

Don't close to Erotic or any Asian females will get married with Western man more possible but marriage is after 20 years old because Asian females like to pass messages to steal your males or use every posssible way passing messages about you to Asian males. So don't bother me again if I don't find you.

5. März 2015

18 and dont have money, life will still depend on parents. and not much think u can do in Viet Nam

5. März 2015
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