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Who's good at cooking in your family?

I'm in a nuclear family.In my family,my dad doesn't know how to cook as well as me.My mon,who's good at cooking,usually makes some simple meals because there's always just my mom and me at home. your family,who's good at cooking?And which kind of food does he/she like to make?

5 มี.ค. 2015 เวลา 7:35
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Nobody :(
My mom never cooked, we almost always ordered out pizza or take-out chinese. My dad can cook, but I did not grow up with him. I also never learned to cook, growing up my older siblings would cook for me if my mom wasn't and make me clean. Then I went to college where I could eat at the dining hall. Then I joined the Army where your food is made for you and once again you're doing a lot of cleaning. So unfortunately I've never realy learned how to cook.
I'm lucky though now I live with my girlfriend and her family and they're Cuban. They all cook very well and they constantly make excellent food and lots of it. My girlfriend's mom is the best cook, and if it wasn't for her my diet would consist of take-out and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

5 มีนาคม 2015

My family always tells me, "You are a good cook, Mom." This make my heart beats faster and it helps me to pursuade cooking everyday. 

5 มีนาคม 2015

I usually cook for my family. My husband sometimes cook. I don't like cooking, despite that my kids say that I cook very well but know, my husband cooks better than me :)

5 มีนาคม 2015

Hey there!!

In my family , My mom cook fantastic meals, also my daddy can cook.I love my mom's delicious cooks. So as for me I also can cook. I've create a new food for myself, its name is JS. It's easy ))

Some times I cook for my friends,they love it)))))  

5 มีนาคม 2015

My grandmother used to cook for us but she wasn't a good cook at all. Now we don't often cook and if we do it's usually something very simple. My father has got some problems with his stomach so he can eat very few things. But every weekend I make pancakes for all the family. And I really want to improve my cooking skills but can't find enough time to do that :(

5 มีนาคม 2015
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