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Finding a British English speaking partner :D

Hi All,

I'd like to looking for friends to learn British English, French, and Japanes, I can teach you Traditional Chinese as exchange. We can share local news or discussion famous drama or movies and experiences of traveling. I've been to London for more than 2 months, I love UK!! my favorite British drama is Downton Abbey:)

Mar 5, 2015 8:26 AM
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Hi Mark,


I'm afraid that i have to say sorry to you because i don't know any about of Blur. But still feel nice to see your message, of course we can help to each other to encourage our language skill, that's why we are here, aren't we?
Actually, I read one of your article which was written in Japanese, and it tells you were came from Brighton, i can't tell you how glad I am to see someone came from Brighton, beacuse I do really like there, I've been visited Brighton for twice during my UK trip, it is such a beautiful place that i ever saw.

Btw, I am really curious that are you a British born Chinese or a British born Japanese?Because your profile shows that you're living in Tokyo right now.


請問你在2013年時在高雄待了多久呀? 是來旅行,還是來念書呢? 我不住在高雄,我是台北人,也在台北工作, 台灣是個很小的島但是人民跟日本很友好:)


Looking forward to see you soon!

March 18, 2015

Hi Rei,


I'm British Chinese I can help you with British English. I spent 2013 in 高雄. 妳可以幫我練習我的中文說話嗎?


I didn't watch Downton Abbey much but I know about British culture and especially about British music. One of my favourite bands is Blur - do you know them?


Best wishes,




March 17, 2015
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