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Beauty or Health?

When we are young, we tend to put on cool clothes and attractive make-ups, showing our ideas about fashion and beauty.

However, my mom and grandma constantly tell me that being healthy is the true meaning of beauty..And they share links like "There are carcinogens in nail polish", "Waving hair would damage ur raven hair", "Showing off by Not putting on enough clothes on cold days would cause arthritis when old".....

I sometimes argue with them on their outlooks cauz youth is the most colourful period in our whole life time and we are free to express our ideas. But, after thinking deeply, I would say I'm not going to do sth that damage my health cauz without health,I  have no chance to enjoy beauty!

So that is only my humble opinion.What about urs??  :)  可能中国娃更会遇到这样的问题,因为我们的家长或是长辈还是偏于保守。。。:(

As I'm not a native English speaker, I'd appreciate if u could pick out my mistakes if possible:0

Mar 5, 2015 1:16 PM
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Well, I'm boy so I don't use that kind of things in my skin. But, anyway I agree with you. I wouldn't do anything that can damage my life. One should think in a long term period, specially when we are talking about health. But sometimes it's hard to do that living in this society.

March 5, 2015

youth is a time of experiments. but more importantly, changes in appearance do not remain forever. for example, I'm against tattoos

March 5, 2015
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