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I am searching the information about this kind of test. What should a person do to pass it and what should this person do after? What opportunities it gives? 

Mar 6, 2015 6:24 AM
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I dont know about Canada, but I know about Australia. You dont need to take the ietls test, unless you want to become citizen of Australia. It means that if you want to look for a job in Australia, you can go ahead with applying for job and do whatever you can to convince this company hire you, then you can go there for working, you dont need to have the Ielts certificate. After you work for this company for at least 2 years, you can apply for PA and at that time you need to give the Australian government your Ielts certificate with at least 5.0 every skill. 

April 25, 2015

The IELTS stands for International English language test system. There are two versions of the IELTS: the IELTS Academic version and the IELTS General training version. The IELTS Academic version is intended for people who want to study in English-speaking countries. The IELTS General training version is intended for people who want to work in English-speaking countries or migrate to these countries. The IELTS has four modules: Listening , Reading , Speaking and Writing.

What people do is pass it is they have to do their best to improve four skills as much as possible. So, they can get the high score. Acctually, it depends on your purpose, so you can know which score you need to take and you will try to get it.

I dont know which kind of benefits the Ielts certificate can give in your country, but in Vietnam, if you don't have any plan for higher education or move to another country, the Ielts certificate is one of ways which help you to get a good job with high salary and high promotion because looking at your certificate, interviewers can know how much you good at english. It doesn't show exactly your english level, but at least it showes 70 - 80% your english level. 


March 6, 2015

Thanks for your replies. As far as I am not a student anymore and I don't plan to study abroad I think to take the IELTS General training version to move from Russia to, for example, Canada. If i pass it with a score more than 6 points, I will be able to do it. The question is what should I do next? I mean after the test. Should I search for a job in the other country to move there or I can just apply to move? 

March 6, 2015

HEY, u wana take it ?

March 6, 2015
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