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Terasee Miz T
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Can you find the rule?

The simple past tense in English is not always easy to pronounce.  There are 3 choices:

1. ed

2. t

3. d

A common practice for non-English speakers is to always use the ED ending when they see words like

looked, walked, jumped.  They will commonly say - look -ed, walk - ed, jump-ed.  BUT... in actuality these words are actually pronounced lookt, walkt, and jumpt. 

There is a rule that will help when trying to decide which pronunciation is correct.

headed is pronounced: head - ed

patted - pat - ed

rounded is round -ed

turned - turnd

walked - walkt

baked - bakt

seated - seat -ed

Can you find the rule? :-)

Mar 6, 2015 2:57 PM
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1."ed"  for words that ends with "t,d"

2."t"    for words that ends with "k,p,f,s,ch,sh"

3."d"   for other words

March 6, 2015

Yes you are right, But I am always to be nature as possible as I can that base on basical learning.

I found that it is uncomfortable to pronounce and want to be comfortable then I am like native speaker.

It works on many sides I found.


March 6, 2015
Terasee Miz T
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