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Skype English ( /and French) conversation


I'm looking for english (and /french) conversation, one hour per day , if you are interested, let's me know.


Mar 6, 2015 5:40 PM
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An hour a day with anyone is unrealistic. Even an hour a week with any individual is a little unrealistic. If, on the other hand, you aim for an hour a day but split between a number of people you'll have a lot more success finding people to talk to. 

March 6, 2015

I am proficient but not native... :( I really need some french speakers to practise with me, I can help with the grammar but I don't have native British/ American accent... 

March 7, 2015

I meant, skype english conversation ( 1 hour/ day if you can) but you are not obliged ;)

For the moment i do 1h hour every week with an english speaker who want to learn french :

March 7, 2015

Hi!I'm interested about your demand.Thanks

March 6, 2015

Can you clarify your request more ? :P 

March 6, 2015
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