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Are you ready for spring?

Do you do spring cleaning? Is that a common practice outside of North America? In most homes in Canada and the U.S.A., people spring clean their homes. It is a time to freshen up your home and go a little crazy. Walls get washed, cupboards get wiped out, things get thrown away. Windows are thrown open and fresh spring air is let in the house. Spring is in the air!

Mar 6, 2015 10:38 PM
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I'm more than ready for spring especially after a cold winter, but you just made me laugh about spring cleaning :) I thought these things happen only here and this is the first time I hear about this habit in Canada. We might not call it spring cleaning, but it's the seasonal cleaning that we have every season and yes, things go really crazy ;D

March 6, 2015

Norouz is coming to Iran.HAPPY NEWDAY IN NOROUZ

Lisa thanks for your good topic ,in my country and my culture ,specially among our people who live in village specially in Azery people CLEANING all the home is hard but important and good task

Mumtaz as me ,I thought this huge process only in Iran happens :) 

Christina exactly my friend ,you are cleaning always during the year ,good job

You know my mother and my sisters Clean the home in starting every season,by the way GOOD JOB every body who loves clean her/his HEART,MIND before and after daily home cleaning 

March 20, 2015

We do a similar thing about at least five times a year: when we store the winter and the summer clothes (lavender and all), before Easter, before Christmas, after the summer holidays and everytime we have big family dinners or we're expecting guests who stay overnight.


March 6, 2015

Hope every days become spring & new for all of u ;)))

March 20, 2015

"Spring cleaning". While I've certainly heard the phrase before, I have no actual associations in my mind of doing all the cleaning at a certain time in the year. I'm guessing that there's some kind of relationship here with prior snowy weather so maybe it's more common up north.

March 6, 2015
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