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Yesterday, I started writting on the site. I was very lost because I saw different options to do so. I can a notebook entry, ask a question or start a new conversation. I was asking myself: Which one I should use? Well, all of course, I'm so talkative that I don't have any problem to start a discussion. I like to talk to people. Don't get me wrong when I said I'm talkative, I'm also able to listen. I've found the perfect job for that. Are you able to guess it? Tell me what is your guess.

7. März 2015 07:03
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7. März 2015



7. März 2015

  This area,  DISCUSSIONS,  is the best place to start.

If you have a grammar question or question about lsentence contruction or word meaning and usage,

you should use ANSWERS for that.


  NOTEBOOKS are a place where writing can be corrected.

NOTEBOOKS also keeps a permanent record when you post something there. It will always stay.

7. März 2015
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