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Do you celebrate in your country an International women's Day?

Hello! In Russia, the 8 of March we celebrate an International women's Day and have a little bit longer weekend that usually :) I decided to find out is this holiday actually international. Do you celebrate it in your country the 8 of March or maybe an other day?

Mar 7, 2015 8:05 AM
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Hi Poline, I think the whole world celebrates 8th of March for the rights of the Woman!

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Currently, each year in France and many other countries, the Women's Day raises organizing events by women activists in associations of greater or lesser importance or groups engaged on the subject. It is important for the local and national authorities to recall each year, on the day of the woman in the field, nothing is guaranteed and that progress in improving women's right to be a combat all times.
The day of the woman in world history

If, celebrating Women's Day 2015, some people may think today that Women's Day was born from the initiative of liberated women of the twentieth century, it is time to put the right date at the right time. Yet it is not so easy to know when was the idea. It was in 1921 that this day was chosen by Lenin to be the International Women's Day: he wanted and celebrate women in Petrograd, March 8, 1917, expressed in response to the Russian Revolution. Gradually, this day was celebrated in the Eastern countries and on this occasion the men offered flowers to their wives, mothers, grandmothers and friends. In France, it is said rather than Women's Day dates back to 1857, at a time when US textile workers of the world were on strike. However, there are no traces of this strike anywhere. In fact, it was much later, in 1977 the United Nations formalized this day and since, in all countries, March 8 is recognized as the date of International Women's Day.
The Women's Day 2015 will take place Sunday, March 8. The fact that the date of the Women's Day one day not worked for a majority of women may be able to allow that in each city for the 2015 Women's Day cultural events, sports, seminars, projections movies, theme days concerning women's rights are more advanced followed.

March 7, 2015

Yes, we do celebrate here in Brazil! 

March 7, 2015

:-) it's international womans day:-) 

March 7, 2015

yes, There are very events to women, nowadays, women are becoming the leader in the families and in business. 

March 7, 2015
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