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whom you never forget in your high school?

And then my answer is my deskmate in the past.  I have like him in fact. but l am not very beautiful . l know that he had a girlfriend .That girl were pretty . he was my deskmate,because my teacher wanted me to help him improve his schoolwork .  and l had liked him before that. Although l  was happy ,l tired my best to help him .l made some test datas for him untill midnight . because he said he wanted me to help him review.and we reviewed together on Monday . But finally .he said he must play soccer with his friends.  l was so down then.  BUT l really hoped he can be better and better .he can get good grades instead of very very bad grades. On Christams day .l sent him a card.  in fact that was a letter  .  l wrote many many.but l couldn't say l like him .l hoped that letter can help him out of  the treason,but nothing happened.    This term ,he is not my deskmate.and he have not any change.he still smoke and ......l know he still love his girlfriend .but that girl have loved others.  l ,l ...there  is  nothing l can do。Maybe he  never know i like him,or he have already known.  emmm...l  dont care. l have somthing more improtant to do now.l just , I can only silently blessing him......

Mar 7, 2015 9:13 AM
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