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Hi, everyone! 


I really need your help! It's the first time when I apply for one of  the programs (it's the World Bank Group's program) and I passionately want to succed. Actually, I understand that I don't have lots of chances, but I would be extremely grateful if you could check my Statement of Interest and maybe give me some pieces of advice. And what's worse is that the deadline is today at 11.59 p.m (Washington DC time).


Statement of Interest

How do projects of “global practices” collaborate? What should be done to increase their efficiency? Are new projects needed to accomplish two main goals by 2030? I would like to obtain answers to make an impact on poverty alleviation and implementation of sustainable development.

I became interested in contributing to the world’s change for the better while being involved in my academic studies. As a student of the faculty of the World Economy I was constantly taking part in both estimating national economies and regional integrations aiming to determine their areas of growth. I began doing initial analysis of a certain regional integration (ASEAN) after completing a basic course of studies. It took historical, cultural research and the collection of various data sets to complete the task. For next two years I have been either expanding my approach on other regional integrations or concentrating on an economy of one of the countries.

My research interests include measuring the development of national economies (especially developing ones) and regional integrations, interaction between countries both within regional grouping and beyond it. My prior academic background has been focused on using separate indicators to estimate and compare “integrations”. So, under the direction of two professors, my colleague and I created and developed the tool which provides the complex estimation of regional integration. All indicators are grouped in sectors (reconciled, in general, with global practices) and have the different weight in appliance with the stage of development of “integration”. The tool allows users to input data, to browse, to measure and compare separate indicators, group of indicators and the final estimation of the development of “integration”. We have given presentations on the work to a broad range of audiences and were the finalists of the Federal Customs Service Competition. Additionally, I have authored or co-authored several publications.

Since graduating with specialist’s degree in economics I have felt a strong desire to pursue a research and career in the field. Currently, I spend a great deal of time doing self-directed research related to vegetarianism trying to answer questions: Is vegetarianism (and its kinds) actually healthy and easy to follow? In the case of its strong expansion, will the reduction of stock raising lead to the increase of crop and, therefore, to the increase of jobs and prosperity?

In such a manner, I want to be involved in the Analytical Program not only because I would like to pursue researches at a higher level, and not because I know I would benefit personally from the increased depth and breadth of knowledge and experience I would gain from the process, but because I could implement both mentioned above in changing our World for the better.

Thank you for considering my application.


I hope to hearing from you! 

A thousand Thanks! 


Mar 7, 2015 11:16 AM
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