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'ما شاء ا لله'

I've just come across this phrase in my Arabic book, and it comes with the translation of, "Wonderful!". Is this a commonly used phrase?

Mar 8, 2015 3:50 PM
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نعم, it's commonly used to show appreciation and amazement although the literal meaning is 'as God has willed'. For example a person upon listening to a foreigner's fluency in their mother tongue might say "Ma sha Allah! You're good". Am I making any sense? haha

March 8, 2015

Yes, very common, to express appreciation, joy, praise ...

Lit means "God has willed it !" 

 examples when to use this expression :

- ما شاء الله, منزِلكَ جميل

- لقد أصبحتَ والِدًا, ما شاء الله

March 8, 2015

yes exactly , and in our religion Islam you prefer to say (ما شاء الله) rather than any worth word like (جميل , رائع ) , because we think when you add The God (الله) in the words it prevent envy .

Also we say (ما شاء الله) to god bless it .

March 8, 2015

it`s very common and its mean God bless

March 8, 2015

Yes true,but after all it depend on the context.

March 10, 2015
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