Help, how should i start improving my Dutch?

Hello, i'm learning Dutch and just came across this site which i belive will be of great help in my studies. The problem is that i have no idea where to start. My Dutch is still <em>extremely</em> basic, so i don't know if finding a teacher is the way to go just yet. But on the other hand there doesn't seem to be too many Dutch speakers who are also interested in learning Swedish. In short, i have no idea how to proceed. Any suggestions you might have would be appriciated :)

Mar 8, 2015 6:41 PM
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I'm just going toleave a bunch of stuff here that I've found useful in my studies. - not a lot for Dutch, but there is some great beginner content and it's great for building up comprehension etc. Audio files are free to download. - although somewhat over complicated, sometimes with incomprehensible jargon filled definitions, it's nonetheless a good place to get the syntax and stuff down. Good info here on verb tenese too. 

Basic and Intermediate Dutch - a grammar and workbook - I found these super useful for improving my grammar and stuff, although they are kinda expensive if you want to buy them.

Generating sentences is always a good idea to learn certain structures and stuff. 

Sprookjes - these are like "fairly tales" I suppse. There are a bunch of good ones, although you'd be best asking a real Dutch person. Things like "De Gemberkoekman" (I think I've spelt that wrongly) are pretty basic and actually not as boring as you might think. 

Other YouTube channels like:


Also this website is good -

If you want to buy books then is where you want to go to. 


Being able to speak Swedish will be of great help learning Dutch as the languages are so alike. I wish you the best of luck learning Dutch, I've loved it every step of the way.

March 8, 2015

You should get yourself an Assimil series   It is very good way to learn languages naturally, it starts with basic grammar unlike other courses. Combine this with dutch natives here on italki. Remember to speak from day one! 

March 19, 2015

Hi Axel,

I'm Dutch and I'm learning Swedish, so if you have any questions... ask me in Swedish and I will help you if I can! You could also give duolingo a try, they have a Dutch course for people who speak English: I use it for Swedish and I like it a lot. It's free, so that's good too.


Hej då,


April 1, 2015


I'm a native Dutch speaker, if I can help you with difficult grammar/language struggles, let me know :)

March 19, 2015

Tack så mycket, Henriette! Jag hör av mig ifall jag stöter på något som jag inte förstår! Använder Duolingo vid sidan av Rosetta Stone och är väldigt nöjd än så länge. Mycket bra sida, i synnerhet med tanke på att det är gratis!


Ashley, i haven't studied much Dutch lately i'm afraid because a lot of stuff in school and life in general happened, but i'm trying to start again. For me Rosetta Stone has provided me with a good language core but i suppose there are other ways to achieve this, for instance Assimil which i have heard a lot of positive things about. Then i'm using Duolingo when i have time to improve my vocabulary and i strongly recomend it. It's free, easy to use and very helpful. I also watch youtube videos in Dutch to improve my listening comprehension (it's a wonderful feeling once you finally begin to essentially understand what is being said) and read news online, mainly Hope everything is going well with your Dutch learning!

May 9, 2015
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