What Makes You Like A City?

I like a lot of cities.


I like my hometown for it feels like spring all year around, for I know every inches of it. I would sit in xxx Cafe if I want spend a quiet afternoon reading books or just seeing people walking around. I would go climbing xxx mountain if I want some outdoor exercise breathing fresh air. Moreover, I have close friend I know from I was a kid to hang out with anytime. Most important, I have my families around, so no matter where I am, what I do, my heart is always peaceful and enjoyful without panic. 


I like Phuket, Thailand, for all the activities with elephants, for being able to live in a room with pool with a affordable price, for the sea adventures. I like Singapore for its clean, for it's familar and strange to me at the same time, for sweat durians. I like Puerto Rico for its unique bio bay, which is one of the most beautiful scene I have ever seen, and I like going horse riding along the oceanline in Vieque Island. I like Philly. I like running along the Schulykill River Trail early in the morning or late in the afternoon with the sunset in the end of sky. 


There are also some cities I like not as much as I expected. I thought I would love Seattle for Mountain Reiner and its comfortable weather. I thought I would love New York for its skyline and its variety like every big cities do. I thought I would love Boston for the seafood for its full of beautiful campus and brightest people. However, I don't. For me, those cities are just a city I have been to. I don't hate it but I don't have much impression on it either. 


I think my like and dislike for a while, then I get an answer for myself. It is not about city. It is about me. For those cities I like, I travelled there or lived there with a good accompany, from which I enjoyed a lot. For those cities I don't have much feeling, I had a bad mood or a bad accompany at that time. Every city has its good side and bad side. How I enjoy it depends on which side I see the place, which for me results from a good accompany that I can share the good and bad together. 


What about you?

Mar 9, 2015 2:06 AM
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