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i am a freshman in this, and i don't know how to use some tools to add people, and i think there should be some methods to link wechat or some other chat software. so do some pleple to tell me how can i do.  recently some friends want i to add them, i use Iphone to add wechat number so that it is not very convenient.

i am very pleased to change my langue to you, i can speak Chinese, so if you speak English please talk to me, add me. my wechat number bing0120lv 

we can talk to each other in the free time. and if you live in Beijing, Maybe we can go outside in the weeken to park or climb mountains.

hoping your message my friends.

Mar 11, 2015 2:37 AM
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Hi. It took me awhile to familiarize myself with the website. Common software to use to talk and interact that I am familiar with are Skype and Google Hangouts. There are other softwares you can use, but I believe only allows you to mention certain ones, so they are highlighted with an icon and let others know you use the same services they use to communicate. I am getting much more adept and comfortable with using this website. Just interact and let others interact with you. Make other people want to get to know you? Show your language abilities or your desire to learn to others - this is the minimal expectation others will have of you on this website.

March 11, 2015


thank you for your suggestions. i login in this website yesterday.  and i dont know how to use it.  there need some times to familiar with it.

i usually not to use Skype or Msn, because in the work place, there is not often to use it.




March 11, 2015

ok, thanks. at the first i see the logo show that please pay attention to wechat. and i think there should be some method to link with it. i also like in some years ago, i have the some idears to change the launge with foreign people.  but i dont konw how to do, this show that more people have idears, less people take actions and least people insist at last to get the sucess.


March 11, 2015

by the way, I am from BJ, too ...hah, nice 2 meet u :)

March 11, 2015

emm.. good point... there should be some methods to link to wechat or some other chat softwares...

however, u have got to be careful, not all ppl r nice here...:) they may have some other purposes...

If u wanna practise English with others, there are some othere alternatives, e.g. you can leave ur skype ID, then, you could have a conversation with others through skype...

March 11, 2015
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