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Hi! i would like to have some informations about school in UK. Could you help me?


Mar 12, 2015 4:47 PM
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I will try and add to what Zoe said above. She is correct about GCSE's and A-Levels although what she says only applies to England and Wales. Scotland has a different education system which I don't know too much about.

Firsy the majority of people in the UK do not go to prep school. These are fee paying schools or 'private schools'. The majority of schools in the UK are free to attend, and are called 'state schools'.

We start school at age 4 or 5 in primary school, which carries on until you are 11. You then switch and go to secondary school. You sit your first set of government examinations called GCSE's, normally in Years 10 and 11 (ages 15-16), although sometimes people take them earlier. You usually take around 9 or 10 examinations. Maths, English and Science are compulsory, and you have some choice in what other subjects you take.

At my school you also had to study:

-History or Geography

- A foreign language (French or Spanish usually)

- a design subject 

- either art/music/photography

The rules are quite flexible about the other subjects that you can study at GCSE.

Following that we have A-levels which you study when you are 16-18, either at the same secondary school or at a 'sixth form' college. You usually study four subjects in the first year (AS level), and then 3 in the second year (A-level). These are the exams you take and need to do well in to go to university.

Zoe also mentioned IB, but the majority of people in the UK do not take IB, this is more commonly offered by private schools and the format is different to A-levels. 

This is just some general information, if you have any specific questions ask away.

March 12, 2015

Note that 'information' is an uncountable noun. It has no plural form.

'I would like some information about...'

What kind of information would you like? If you want a complete overview of the whole UK education system, this is an enormous topic and you'd do best to look online for material.

However if you have some specific questions, please feel free to ask, and we'll do our best to answer.

March 12, 2015

Is there anything in particular that you would like to know? 

March 12, 2015

I studied in boarding school in England for 6 years, and I'm now at University of Birmingham :)

In England you either go to prep school (which is for children aged 8-13), or secondary school (which is for children aged 12-18).

Usually you do 2 different sets of public exams, one at Year 11/5th form called GCSEs, and one at Year 12-13/Lower and Upper 6th form called either IB or A Levels.

I think secondary education in England is great for people who are all rounded, because usually sport is compulsory and there are a large range of subjects you can do. There are A Levels like photography, home economics and even sport science :)

Hope this helps you!

March 12, 2015
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