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Typing French characters on an English keyboard I'm not sure if everybody knows... but I just found this site: Since I'm on an English keyboard, I'm actually using Microsoft Word: To produce Press à, è, ì, ò, ù À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù CTRL+` (ACCENT GRAVE), the letter á, é, í, ó, ú, ý Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú, Ý CTRL+' (APOSTROPHE), the letter â, ê, î, ô, û Â, Ê, Î, Ô, Û CTRL+SHIFT+^ (CARET), the letter ã, ñ, õ Ã, Ñ, Õ CTRL+SHIFT+~ (TILDE), the letter ä, ë, ï, ö, ü, ÿ Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü, Ÿ CTRL+SHIFT+: (COLON), the letter å, Å CTRL+SHIFT+@, a or A æ, Æ CTRL+SHIFT+&, a or A œ, Œ CTRL+SHIFT+&, o or O ç, Ç CTRL+, (COMMA), c or C ð, Ð CTRL+' (APOSTROPHE), d or D ø, Ø CTRL+/, o or O ¿ ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+? ¡ ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+! ß CTRL+SHIFT+&, s (anyway, I hope that helps!)
3 февр. 2008 г., 2:21
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That works for MACs, but for PCs, like what I have, you have to hold down ALT and type in different combinations of numbers. (ALT + 130 = é , ALT + 135 = ç...)
8 февраля 2008 г.
Hi Tor, You can also change the settings of your own keyboard layout. In the lower right corner, there are a couple of letters, EN if you use the English layout. Click on it to show the language bar and then click on Settings. Click on add…, choose the language that you want to add and voilà, you have access to the whole keyboard of that language. You can then easily switch between keyboard settings by pressing Alt + Shift. On the French keyboard, la cédille is on the English 9. And so on. Try your way. é is on 1, è on 7 and à on 0. This way you do not need to change programs when you write. On peut changer le design du clavier (placement des signes) par presser les lettres en bas, à droite. Fait ton choix de langue et puis, quand tu as ajouté un autre design, alterne entre les designs par presser Alt + Shift.
4 февраля 2008 г.
Wow, I also just saw the "international" English keyboard layout too. This is pretty good as well. All you have to do is type ' and e to get the correct accent.
3 февраля 2008 г.
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