In the town where I currently live (Aosta), every year we celebrate "Fiera di Sant'Orso" which in English can be translated like " Saint-Bear Fair". It is usually celebrated the last two days of January. It's a millenial Fair (its first edition set up in 1000 a.c.) and it's a craft exposition. In this day, all the inhabitants of the surrounding mountain valleys usually go down to the main city of the region (that's Aosta) to sell their products. Each artisan shows up their typical products (wooden, textile and stone ones, mostly). More than one thousand artisans take part at this event every year, and thousands of visitors, coming from the same region and from the near ones, too. This fair has been named after the Saint-Bear's day which is on the first of February. There's also a legend linked to this Fair: they say that if on the Saint-Bear's Day the weather is bad, winter is not going to last so much while if it's sunny, summer will make you wait.
Dec 2, 2021 1:29 PM
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December 2, 2021