Matteo Zoccolan
Would you correct? Which is more important friends or family? 1) Who can enjoy yourself with 2) Who will help you when you have problem 3) Your own idea Family and friends take a really important part of everyone’s life. But I think that family is more important than friends. I can always count on my family, they have been being present in everyday of my life, even if it was beautiful or bad. Firstly, you can always enjoy yourself with your family doing a cake, travelling and laughing at them. During last year, when there was the lockdown, I spent lot of time with my family. Even if we were closed at home and we could not go out, I had lot of good time. Secondly, when you have to deal with a problem, your parents or your siblings can help you to make the best choice. For example, when I split up with my ex-girlfriend, they took care of me. Without them, I could not go over this period of my life. Moreover, I think that without my family, I can’t attend university and gain some experience abroad. They have made lot of sacrifices to support my studies and I hope to be them proud of me. In conclusion, I definitely think that my family is the most important things of my life. They were always next to me.
Mar 1, 2021 5:59 PM