Jørgen Hansen
"Would you have been speaking about the injustice towards the indigenous people in light of the ban on river water for drinking, if you had had the time to attend the conference?" "Sure. Together with a host of other problems." "Hmm.. Do you think that if you could have given your speech, that--" "No no. I would never give a speech. I just talk, you know. Talk talk talk." He took a deep sigh as he looked towards the huge windows that faced towards the volcano, "I don't know about all this stuff, other than what I read and what you refer to, but I just..." "Yes, I know. The world community should have dealt with him long time ago. But they just can't. All we can do is...listen, do you want a drink?" he arose from the chair and went towards the minibar. "Aren't this damn volcano gonna blow?" "Ha! If it truly erupts, we will be evacuated pronto. And I can tell you something. In these neighborhoods it could become pretty rough. Or at least uncomfortable. Just because we live a fancy hotel doesn't--" "Shut up! Listen" A slight but sinister rumbling suddenly penetrated the huge windows. "Look!" He yelled. "It's smoke." "It's more than that. Look at that top glowing," his voice almost a whisper.. "Listen, we have to get down in the lobby now." "Ge-ge-ge I have to g-g-g..." "No need to stutter now, we're not dead yet." "B-b-b but." "We're gonna be okay. Don't be scared, we just need to get down down down, now now now."
May 26, 2021 3:50 PM
Jørgen Hansen
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