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Russian «храм», «церковь», «собор», «часовня» - what is the difference? The word "храм" (temple) comes from the Old Slavonic "mansion" ("temples"). The word meant a large, stately room. Today, a building is called «храм» where divine services are held, as well as church Sacraments are performed. A staff of priests serves inside and it is allowed to hold a liturgy there (several times a day if there are several thrones in the temple). According to its architectural features, «храм» usually has one or more domes, several side-altars (they can be attached to the temple), and in each side-altar there is an altar. «Церковь» (church) is translated from the Greek Κυριακη as "the house of the Lord." It should be said that this word is used in two senses. On the one hand, our entire Christian community is called Church. On the other hand, «церковь» is called «храм». That is, «храм» and «церковь» as a religious architectural structure are one and the same. The word "собор" (cathedral) comes from the cognate word "собрание". This word also has several meanings. The cathedral was the name for the meetings (congresses) of the higher clergy, as well as holidays are celebrated in the Orthodox calendar - the Cathedrals of Saints. Usually «собор» as a structure is distinguished by the scale and splendor of the building; it is the central temple in a city or a monastery. Inside there are always several side-chapels (altars), several priests serve in them, sometimes 12 priests and a rector are on the staff of the cathedral (like Jesus Christ and 12 apostles). The cathedral status is assigned to the temple once and for all. The higher clergy serve in the cathedral - that is, the bishops (patriarch, metropolitan, archbishop, bishop). If the cathedral has a pulpit of the ruling bishop, then such a cathedral is called a cathedral.
May 28, 2021 10:23 PM
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The «часовня» (chapel) is usually erected in honor of some event. The etymology of the word comes from "час", "часы" (Hours are short church services). The chapel is a small building for reading the «часов» (Hours), as well as canons, akathists and other prayers. There is no altar in the chapel, there is no Liturgy, and there is no abbot.
May 28, 2021 10:30 PM
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