In this year, I’ve been getting know one friend. And it seems that he is a bit rude and tends to ignore my perspective. For instance, when we talk about topic of covid-19 or personal activities for being a better person etc, he often tries to give me a deflective advice and it often sounds like he doesn’t respect of my view and doesn’t understand my own experience. So I got mad sometimes when I had a conversation with him. One day, he shared his personal problem with me. He is having a difficulty of communicating with some friends. And I found that his unconscious reaction or mentioning towards them might be possibly misinterpreted him as being rude or arrogant. It seems that he mightn’t know which reaction or expression could get on theirs nerves in a sense. Somehow I feel sorry about my misunderstanding towards him so far. And I’ve also known that it’s obviously difficult to choose right words which don’t needle someone’s mood when we discuss sensitive topics. So I’ve determined that instead of judging him, I tried to share my understanding of content of him when I feel misunderstand(ie. when I get mad) at him. I’m not sure if we could become good friends though, because being friends require a good match of personalities. But I’m thankful for him because I learned a good mindset of understanding someone who is different with me. - Please correct me 😀
May 30, 2021 7:30 AM
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