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I was a great teacher. It is funny to think that the tittle up there just came to me in a second. But yes, a few years ago I happened to make a good friend here on italki who encouraged me to teach Spanish online. I was like "What? Me?" I didn't even have a computer or a reliable internet conecction, but he was decided to help me and he did. He was actually my first student and we did a couple of classes. And as you can imagine, my classes weren't that great. Although, over the months I started to learn more and more about teaching, I even noticed how slowly but effectively my English was improving (Such a blowing mind thing to beliave). After a few months I found myself teaching around 9 to 12 hours a day... I'm not showing off, I swear. I even remember looking at my calendar and thinking "Jeez, that man over there is gonna wait 3 weeks to talk to me!". I discovered interesting things about teaching a language. I noticed what many students were looking for and surprisingly that was my esence as a teacher. After 2 years, my English had improved enormously and met such a wide opened range of different people from all over the world... Today I decided to come back to italki. To see if I can teach a few classes from time to time so I can possibly buy a cello in the future. Don't worry, I found that a bit odd too and I still laugh either, but it's the truth. After being a succesful teacher here on Italki, I had a couple of good oportunities to work on an online private school for kids and keep improving my accent (something I've dived on for many years). All these years have been awesome. I feel that someone up there is taking care of me, although things haven't been Color rosa ( as we say in Spanish, meaning "things haven't been easy all the time"). I keep making a bunch of mistakes when writing, understanding and speaking but that is the beauty of learning a language, isn't it? For now, I'm gonna shot down my computer and workout a little.
Jun 4, 2021 2:22 AM
Carlos Spanish coach
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