Today was still a interesting day. I saw three monkeys, but one of them is so naughty and fierce. when I would like to take a picture with it, he suddenly jumped up and give me a fright. According to the keeper, the monkey is very smart and naughty. When he wasn't familiar with keeper, he was very docile. But after a while,When he got to know the keeper, he became grumpy and mischievous. They are too funny. Besides, I saw two fox and lots of cranes. The foxes are very cute, and the crane are. A part of the crane are red-crowned cranes, I was extremely excited when I saw them, because they are really, not on TV! The other cranes are very beautiful, I don't know which kind they are. The feathers on the head are spread out, like the dandelion that will float away with the wind, they are absolutely beautiful and they looks so ethereal and graceful. Between the light, I met a uncle, he was very amiable, he help me answer some questions that puzzled me! I was so lucky to met the uncle!
Jun 4, 2021 1:06 PM
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