Hi everyone. Today I start to learn phrasal verb. First of all I try to explain a meaning of several of them. 1. Carry on. I finished my rest and my journey carries on. I tried to carry on my speech but the noise was loud that I can't. When I stopped our teacher told me: " Carry on please" 2.Carry out. Everybody should carry out their job for getting salary. You should carry out your promises. For improving your shape you should carry out all exercises not only that you like. 3. Come across. When I took the book I come across on my old letter to my brother 4. Get over. I can't get over with these tasks. You should get over with all your tasks. When I was young I can't get over with stallion. 5. Get away. I hope to get away for a few days at Eastern. We can got away from these monsters. 6. Come in. Come in to the room. Don't hesitate 7. Go out. He went out at seven o'clock from his house 8.Come out. New book by Patric came out last week. The news came out in all newspapers . 9. Come up. The water came up his neck. Despite on his efforts he can't come up propriate level of acquisition of English
Jun 5, 2021 6:26 PM
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