Sneha Agrawal
Hello , I am from India ..! I am so happy to be born in a place where you have so many festival to celebrate and culture to explore. (Except for the politics) I follow Hindu culture to let me start with that .. for us new year starts with the “Kite festival” in the month of Jan where you gather up and meet loads of people (coz population lol) and have kite fight which is a lot more fun that it sounds trust me. Then is followed up with Holi “festival of colors”this fest actually signifies that you burn all your evilness and forgive each other for sins. you hand out with your friends and fam with packet of color bombs which you can make in home itself by taking a pinch of colored powder(which we call it chudi color and is so hard to remove it from your body it stays for about 10 days ) and mixing it up water filling up the balloons with the help of “pichkari” then you hide to get less stain and win lol .. I love this festival you have a lot less work to do. Then comes Rakhi which is celebrated in August usually you tie a thread like band to your brothers but since I don’t have any siblings I tie it to my parents and my mum ties it to me (this signifies the bond you share is pure and promise to protect each other ) . Then, comes love of love “DIWALI” its very calming to celebrate it but comes with a lot a lot of chaos prep starts about 2 weeks ago the entire house is repainted and every single item is cleaned and about 2-4 days ago it starts to get decorated. Then you go through 2 small small functions before main diwali, the food prep ahhh .. its just so much fun and the smell of it just wanna float (personal fav of this time is gulab jamun and gujiya ) . Then you celebrate with fireworks , and in our home we make small imprints of feet from the main gate to inside of pooja room with hands and “alta”. Done !! Lol it’s a lot to take in ,but I eagerly wait for Diwali every year.
Jun 7, 2021 5:18 AM