(describe the picture and write an article about it) The oversheilding shelter 40min Almost in no country in the world other than China, it has been said, is the problem of doting more serious. As is vividly depicted in the following drawing, under the shelter grows a bucket of flower, well nourished and protected, but when fully expose to the outside world, it can barely withstand the egregious weather and thus becomes almost as frail as a piece of glass. The implication of the picture is not only informative, but instructive as well. Undoubtedly, the fragile flower symbolizes today’s children spoiled by their parents who the shelter represents while the storm becomes fierce competition in the society. For example, being taken control of the necessary daily homework results in a physically health but mentally disabled child, and parents act as a visible guardian to the way on which their children go to school rather the one on which their they accomplish individual success. Their children are the princes/princesses in their eyes and it is seen almost everywhere that parents are willing to give their children whatever they want. But is this all the children actually need? Or do they need at all? From my perspective of views, the act of spoiling is extremely detrimental, always hampering the full personal development of individuals. On the one hand, mass media should advocate the propaganda of how to achieve self-promotion independently while containing the spread of the idea of doting; on the other hand, compulsory related education should be available to ensure that every mom and dad can recognize how they are devastating their children’s future if continuing to do as they used to. With this measures in place, a brighter future where the shelter is no more over shielding, can be envisioned by all.
Oct 21, 2020 3:34 PM
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