Никита Величко
Please check my MOTIVATIONAL letter! My name is NIkita I’m 23 years old, I graduated from the Belarusian state University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in the course of radioinformatics, my graduation work was iOS app for objects recognition that was using Vision framework and coreML framework as a result the app didn't work very well. So after University i took 3 month course in ios programming to improve my skills and dive into ios development completely and I really got involved in it and I liked it. After the courses I started studying on my own and looking for a job at the same time. 2 months after the course, I found my first job in a small outsourcing company. We developed small applications for customers from America, I personally developed 3 applications, the most interesting for me was my last application developed for airplane pilots in the United States so that they could check in at airports as in Foursquare and other pilots could see them and meet each other while working, this application I completely made myself, worked with a lot of technologies such as firebase, map kit, Moya and clustering, worked in a team with a designer and project Manager. But then I left the company because I did not see my professional growth, because the team did not have anyone to learn from, there were no people with extensive experience in ios development. Now I don't have a job, I only had a few small freelance jobs, and so I found your Academy that I really want to enter in order to grow professionally as a developer, meet people from different countries, learn from more experienced ones. In addition to programming, I have a hobby that is startups. At the moment my friends and I have found an interesting edtech startup and we are looking for investments for it. This is really interesting for me, so far we have not achieved success since we have absolutely no experience in this and friends who could learn this, I want to join the Academy also because I th
Oct 25, 2020 2:57 PM
Никита Величко
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