1.My dreams You know,it's funny what a young man recollects.Because I don't remember being born,and I don't remember what I got for my first birthday and I don't recall when my families went out for the first picnic.But I do remember my first dream. I want to be teacher,because my family members are all teachers.That's how I got my first dream.And of course I put it into action.I taught students in my vocations and some holidays for over 4 years.I do love kids,but now I feel confused,confused of what?I don't know.If you think about it real hard you couldn't know what are you going to be,too.In this society,there are many temptations,you can't just be stubborn and insist on one job. There's an example,I saw the news on my school's magazine.A man called 3B,he had a poor family and he wanted to attend in TsingHua university,so he studyed hard for his dream.First year,he got the chance to go to Beijing university(985/211),he declined the invitation.The second year,he might go to Zhongshan university,he refused,too.And the third fourth year,the same.Until the 8th year,he finally got to go to TsingHua university.When he graduated from it,he just applied for a teaching job in secondary school which located in a small city.Perhaps he was happy for it,who knows. This is Lucy.
Oct 3, 2020 8:53 AM
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