Andrew Pavliuk
Hi there. This evening I picked a more extraordinary topic than I would write about. So food and preferences in it. As for me, this theme is not a very easy one to be written due to 2 reasons. The first one lies in the vast diversity of meals. It is a really massive list, and you can easily get lost in it, and forget something that you actually love to eat. The second reason is a feature of vocabulary. The deal is I am used to discussing more abstracting things but in this case, I have to apply the names of products and meals, which is less common in terms of my vocabulary. Okay, let's move closer to our subject. Honestly, I am not very sophisticated and guru in this theme, I live in a small town, where huge restaurants with delicates, put it mildly, are not common. On my first place I would put a pizza. I realize that the one is so casual and even a banal answer, but it doesn't make a pizza less delicious and joyful. If we were talking about homefood I would prefer my experimental meal - fried potatoes with garlic and other spices, very small chunks of a meat ,covered by a cheese, and necessarily wash it down with a kefir. The stupendously delightful thing. However, I try to cook that not very often, nearly by 1 time a week, because of its calorie value and not good influence on processes of digestion. When it comes to dessert, I would sooner choose a bar of black chocolate, especially if that is accompanied with a cup of coffee. I fascinate this drink, although it feels as I am just addicted to. So, there are my humble list of preferences, what are yours, share and it will be so interesting to read about.
Oct 7, 2020 7:25 AM
Andrew Pavliuk
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