I have different hobbies during different periods. When I was a child, I liked playing catapult and it seemed that most of my childhood was spent with catapult. Even when I attended the middle school entrance exam, I still carried a catapult. When I was in middle school, my biggest hobby was getting up late. I don't know why I liked sleeping so much back then, especially in the morning. If there were no rules about the time of getting up, I would sleep until noon. When I got a job, my hobby was hanging out with friends and doing nothing all day long. Every time I think of that period, I always regret wasting a lot of time. But now I think I have good hobbies and one of them is studying. I don't think I should continue wasting time now. On the contrary, I should find back the time I have wasted. I am very happy to have good hobbies and I always feel satisfied with those positive hobbies.
Feb 28, 2021 3:33 PM