Day 57/365 Hi guys! Today I'd like to tell you about one of my favorite memory in my childhood. There was many years ago but I often remembered about that event. I lived in a small town. Honestly we seldom have something unusual. I can't remember when it happens first,but I've checked before begin to write this post in the Internet. So, it started since 1989 year. It was the balloons festival. And I absolutely can say, that it is fantastic!!! It doesn't mean that I was younger , because I have so strong emotions,no . All people in different ages came there to the see this moment. Some of them arrived from other cities. And it was a big deal! More than 20 difference and colorful balloons were in our little park. There were around the lake. They had competition there. They need to get something on the top of the mountain ( I'm not sure that this is true,or not, but people told about this...) I need to say that my town is small but really beautiful, specially if you like the nature. Ps. I did another lessons about irregular verbs. I went to the gym today. I also worked today. The weather wasn't so good. It was rain all day.
Feb 26, 2021 1:59 PM