I finished a book which written by Sebastien Barry, named The Secret Scripture. the book was talking about a psychiatrist wanted to assess a old woman if she had mental illness or lot. Because this woman had been staying at a mental hospital for more than 60 years. And the hospital was too broken to operate so that all the patients should transfer to another place. And if some of them were assessed to be healthy again, they could have chance to get freedom. and this psychiatrist collected some stories of this woman (like a document or scripture which made by the institution) and he read her stories from the scripture , and found this woman had unbelievable past. Because these stories confirmed that the woman was insane and unmoral. but what a surprise, one day he found another scripture which was written by this woman herself in the end of the whole assessment. And found the whole story from her scripture compared to the scripture from the institution was totally different. She was a kind and full of love and brave woman. what’s more, the psychiatrist had links to her(can’t tell you the detail, cuz am afraid that someday you will read it. Hahaha)
Nov 11, 2021 1:44 PM