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Speak Like a REAL Chinese Mandarin Slang Vocabulary of Relationship Learning 04Side Girl/Boy video learning resources Instagram: ngchinesehk Before we talked about how to say couple and breaking up with someone in Mandarin Chinese, today’s topic is: how to say side girl or boy in Chinese. On some dictionaries, you will see side girl or boy is 小三xiǎo sān in Chinese. The first character is little or young, the second character is number 3, yes little number 3, side girl or boy. Because usually CP is a pair, two people, the third one is little number 3. There are other two vocabulary that you couldn’t miss while talking about side boy or girl. The first one is 原配yuán pèi, original person. 原yuán is original, 配pèi means settings or attached equipment. Actually this vocabulary is used to describe the original attachment for devices, for example, iPhone original headphones is 原配 yuán pèi, now it is used by young people to describe the original person in the previous relationship. The second one is 备胎bèi tāi. Before it means spare tyre, which can used while the tyre is flat. Now it means a person who can be new boyfriend or new girlfriend when someone breaks up, just like a sub member for soccer team.
Nov 14, 2021 12:34 AM