Are you in the absent-minded club? The description of my constant routine where I frequently forget about things is rather common for communities who live with their heads in the clouds. I regularly fail to remind myself about car keys and for a home as well. Plenty of people's names or dates escape from my memory periodically. From time to time I find sugar in the fridge which I insert whilst cleaning after cooking. The most ridiculous thing I have ever done happened when one day I was on my way home. I was driving a car and decided to go shopping at the local shop in the area of my home. I bought some nutrition and had a nice debate with a retailer about our local football club as commonly we do. Afterwards, I left the shop and went home on foot. I completely forgot about the car which I had left in front of the store. After some time I realized that my car had disappeared. I thought that it must have been stolen. When I was dialling up to the police my memory luckily came back and I retreated to the store for mine auto. I feel embarrassed so often that I treat it like some natural attribute of myself. I'm aware of those quirks and I’ve been trying to accept them but sometimes it is very hard to bear it. Am I alone in this world with this stuff? If someone has forgotten about almost everything, welcome to my club of people who are pretty often miles away.
Nov 14, 2021 5:25 PM
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Yes. It happens very often with me and with many friends. You are not alone...haha...
November 14, 2021