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FCE Writing Tasks Examples Hello everyone! I have decided to start this publication since I would like to help English learners who have every intention of taking Cambridge FCE exam, which I successfully passed two years ago. I have a number of essays, articles and reports, which I wrote while I was preparing myself for it. Here I’d like to share them with you. I will be glad if it really helps you to pass the exam. I am going to post one example every week to keep you interested :-) and hold this topic alive. By the way, I got 180 scores from 200 available for my writing task. I think it is a good result. Well… Let’s start with the first essay. According to a format of the exam, the amount of words for an essay should be from 140 to 190. As far as I remember, it is allowed to exceed it by 5 per cent but it is not for sure:-)
Nov 16, 2021 6:50 AM
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So here it is: Is it a good thing that countries spend a lot of money on their heritage? Write about: 1. preserving the past 2. investing in the future 3. ________ (your own idea) In fact, heritage is important thing for every country in the world. There is a great phrase: «No future without a past». I definitely agree with it. In general, the experience of past generations allows present day people to avoid making mistakes. Moreover, the enormous amount of knowledge, which has been accumulated during thousands of years, is useful or even necessary today. Besides that, heritage is country’s culture and traditions. That is why the countries have to contribute money to preserve their heritage. Evidently, the future development is significant as well. Therefore, it is not enough to spend money only on heritage to get prosperous future. For instance, countries should invest money in their economy and science. I think countries also have to spend money on their cultural heritage objects. These are historic places, buildings and monuments which are a face of a country. Tourists from all over the world go to a country to see the sights and as a result, they spend their money for these purposes. To conclude, our past and future are connected together and I think countries have to spend money on the past, but they should not forget to invest in the future.
November 16, 2021